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Provably Fair is an algorithm that enables you to verify each roll result and make sure that all chances on our website are equally random. We stand for transparency and absolutely honesty. Every user has an equal probability of winning. We can ensure you that there is no way to cheat the system, so you can have confidence in every click.

You are able to check:

The history of chances and cases prices

The history of client and server seeds

The fairness of your winnings

Provably Fair system ensures that all the chances are equally random and fair by using a special drawing algorithm. Provably Fair mechanism depends on three variables: Server seed, Client seed and Nonce. The result is calculated using the client and server data directly before the beginning of each game, so the player can see it immediately after opening the case.

ou will get an encrypted hash of the servers seed before you open the case or upgrade your items. In that way, the 100% fairness can be guaranteed. The initial and final hash values will be identical, which will prove that website do not interfere in final results. In order to check Provably Fair functionality, you need the data below. You can copy the JSON (game data) or use the data table. After that, you need to paste the data into the input field, follow this URL. Then click the “Check” button and make sure that your winning was fair.

More information about the Provably Fair system can be founded on the following URL

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