I clicked to pick up - but it didn’t

Our site is very dependent on a good Internet connection; you will also need a new browser. Follow these simple tips:

Turn off all streaming programs (share the screen in Discord or Skype, OBS, etc.) to reduce ping losses

Lags may be triggered by poor Internet connection

If you have problems with high ping, we recommend using the auto-cashout function.

If you don't use the auto-cashout function, you accept the risk and fact that problems with the Internet connection may interfere on picking up the item in time.

We do not return items due to problems on your side, but if you are convinced that the problem is on our side, please contact us.

Form for creating the request

Indicate the number of the game;

The name of the missing item;

The time when the loss occurred

Link to the video where the incident is visible in the full window

Important: don't waste your time, state the essence of the problem briefly and clearly.

if you are trying to deceive a support specialist, you will get banned on the site

Remember, on our site it is technically not possible to:

"bet without me",

"entering to the next game by pressing "Start game" in the current game",




Everything described above can be due with only one reason - your Internet connection.

For a comfortable game, please read the annotation above!


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